How to get your guitar to sound its best

A great sounding guitar inspires you to keep playing and improving. The tone and sustain from your instrument can profoundly impact the joy you get from playing. While an expensive guitar straight from a luthier might have perfect sound, any guitar can be set up...
Fender vs. Gibson Guitars?

Fender vs. Gibson Guitars?

Fender and Gibson are two of the most well-known and popular guitar brands in the world. There are several key differences between Fender and Gibson guitars, including: Shape and Design: Fender guitars typically have a solid-body design with a bolt-on neck, while...
Guitar String Gauge Preferences

Guitar String Gauge Preferences

An article seeking to help decide on the string gauge that works best for you Not many beginning guitar players realize how much consideration and technicality goes into selecting the right guitar strings. Choosing a string gauge can greatly affect the sound and tone...
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