ALL IN ONE Ultimate Bass Guitar Accessory w/ FREE Gift

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Super Comfortable Strap ️

Protects your strings to keep them fresh ️

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Transforms instantly from a bass guitar strap to protect your fret board, guitar strings and storage!

Super Comfortable Strap ️

Protects your strings to keep them fresh ️

Leaves no residue or fuzz behind ️

Pouch to hold your tuners and picks ️

Longer lasting strings and protection without having to case your bass guitar.

*Reinforced loopholes and top of the line fabric provide stable and secure attachment to your bass when used as a strap

*Front pouch is measured to snuggly hold all standard tuners or FretWraps, whether in the strap or protection configuration

*Premium Japanese elastic for best comfort and strength

*Triple fastening layers under the featured button, lock the strap attachment firmly into place, to prevent slipping

*Extra-wide Velcro® allows for a tight wrap around all standard bass necks. We suggest keeping it tight to prevent the oxidation of your strings.

*String Sling’s premium microfiber cloth, used by companies like Fender, is a versatile material that will not only protect your strings, but can be used to dust and buff your bass.

*The hidden pick pouch is both sturdy and is the perfect size to hold your picks. It’s large enough to fit your picks, but tight enough so that you don’t have to dig. They’ll all be right there, accessible in seconds.

*Our featured strap locks are the perfect companion product and one we highly recommend. They give String Sling the 360 protection, in case you plan on swinging your baby around your neck. They are a simple, foolproof method to securing your strap.

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Black, Red, Olympic White/Cream


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