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All In One

Ultimate Guitar ACCESSORY

  • Plush microfiber that protects and prolongs the life of your guitar strings.
  • Storage pouches for the essentials – picks, capo’s and more
  • Ultra-comfortable guitar strap, with specially-placed padding and just the right amount of sling, to making playing the guitar just as comfortable as protecting it. 

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Protecting your baby

We know how much you love your baby, so we’ve set out to create the ultimate guitar accessory. Among its many features, the String Sling serves as a vault for your guitar picks and capo, helps your strings last longer by providing the ultimate protection, and then turns into the best fitting, most comfortable guitar strap you’ve ever worn.

Premium textiles meets american ingenuity to make the perfect guitar strap, protector & storage vault


It started out with a dream to keep new strings lasting longer. Keeping them fresh, while keeping my guitar presentable. My hack worked. It then became obvious that I could keep everything I needed in one place – that meant no more digging for picks, or getting up to find my capo. String Sling puts it all in one place but that’s not the best part. When you’re not using it to protect against the elements, it turns into THE MOST COMFORTABLE STRAP – EVER. It’s a must try!

Premium textiles meet American ingenuity, to make the perfect guitar strap, protector & storage vault


Using premium textiles, velcro, and elastic, we were able to come up with the perfect amount of sling, to not only provide a unique strap experience but one that would become the most comfortable you can find. Reinforced loopholes and a triple-stitched support button (for the swing-out strap attachment) are only part of the care, love and detail that went into designing this beautiful and multi-functional accessory. You can trust it with any one of your precious guitars and it will be sure to treat your baby with the love and protection it deserves in return. 

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