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Transforms instantly from a guitar strap to protect your fret board, guitar strings and storage!

Super Comfortable Strap ️

Protects your strings to keep them fresh ️

Leaves no residue or fuzz behind ️

Pouch to hold your tuners and picks ️

Longer lasting strings and protection without having to case your guitar.

Reinforced loopholes and top of the line fabric provide stable and secure attachment to your guitar when used as a strap

Our capo pouch is measured to snuggly hold all standard guitar capos, whether in the strap or protection configuration

Premium Japanese elastic adds that extra sling that makes this strap stand out while offering the best strength on the market

Triple fastening layers under the featured button, lock the strap attachment firmly into place, so you won’t have to worry about guitar weight or slipping

Extra-wide Velcro® allows for a tight wrap around all standard guitar necks. We suggest keeping it tight to prevent the oxidation of your strings. You’ll be able to see how well it protects your strings after taking it off for the first time and seeing the outlines.

String Sling’s premium microfiber cloth, used by companies like Fender, are used not only because they are made for this but because it’s so versatile. We just happened to find one more use – perhaps its best! The more guitars you have, the more essential this will be to your collection.

That same microfiber cloth that makes up String Sling’s belly, can be used to wipe down and dust off your guitar. It’s the perfect buffing cloth you’ll never lose or need to replace.

The hidden pick pouch is both sturdy and large enough to hold your picks, yet tight enough that you’re not digging. They’ll all be right there, accessible in seconds.

Our featured strap locks are the perfect companion product and one we highly recommend, to give String Sling the 360 protection, it otherwise has. If you plan on swinging your baby around your neck – these are a must and even if not, it’s the foolproof method to securing your strap.


*more colors and personalized options to come

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 17.75 × 9.5 × 1.5 in

Black, Red, Olympic White / Cream

13 reviews for ALL IN ONE Ultimate Guitar Accessory w/ FREE Gift

  1. Danielle

    I love this product!! Must purchase

  2. mperlmutter

    I love this product! It really is an all-in-one product and the quality is outstanding.

  3. Sofia Azizi

    well thought out product. Beat expectations tbh. Got two more for my brother who plays but it really makes for a comfortable strap.

  4. J

    Quality product and clever as hell! I highly recommend it.

  5. Josh

    shipping says 3-4 days, took nearly a week but worth the wait. The strap is legit comfy and pockets are really convenient

  6. Ryan Strickland

    Absolutely love the string sling . Not only is it well made , but it looks awesome . Made very durable and love that I can wear it as a strap with the strap locks . Definitely stable to trust with my Ibanez Rg370ax. Love it has pick holders and capo holder if needed . Very cool product highly recommend . Biggest plus is I can have my guitar ready to go and not always in case . Definitely prolongs the string life from oxidation and moisture in the air . Definitely get one ✌️

  7. Jordan

    A must have for any guitar owner! Keeps my strings good as new. Quality is superior. Need one for each of my guitars

  8. D.J.

    Amazing! You’ll never go back to a traditional strap ever again. It’s so comfortable.
    The whole idea is well focused and attention to detail has been made from the equipment itself to packaging.

  9. David J. Talaga

    Amazing product. I’ve heard this before and it can’t be any truer, you don’t know what youre missing without it. Once you try it you’ll wonder what you did without the Sting Sling. You just can’t understand how comfortable the strap portion of it is until you feel it on. And you’ll probably pay it off in mere months with keeping your strings clean. A+ product

  10. James Y.

    Just received one for Christmas. Excellent build quality. Seems pretty durable and well made. The microfiber cloth is super soft, and the pockets are a nice touch. Now I just need a bass sized one!!

  11. Mark Z

    Amazing Strap. Great for a musician who plays daily gigs like me. I’ve had the strap about 2 months and definitely get more play time on my strings. The pocket is definitely handy to have.

  12. Jesse

    Awesome strap! Innovative and useful, keeps my strings going longer and great protection for frequent gigging. Rock on!

  13. Stevadelic

    I have extended the lifespan of my many guitars by using this. The ocean air absolutely destroys strings…. Normally. Back here to purchase more.

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