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  • Saves time, money, and frustration by having your strings last much longer
  • Removes dirt, oil, sweat and skin from the strings
  • Protects from rust & corrosion
  • Serves as a comfy guitar strap
  • Your strings will sound better (because they are cleaner)
  • Has storage for guitar picks & capo

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Well thought out product. Beat expectations tbh. Got two more for my brother who plays but it really makes for a comfortable strap.

Sofia Azizi

Absolutely love the string sling . Not only is it well made , but it looks awesome . Made very durable and love that I can wear it as a strap with the strap locks . Definitely stable to trust with my Ibanez Rg370ax. Love it has pick holders and capo holder if needed . Very cool product highly recommend . Biggest plus is I can have my guitar ready to go and not always in case . Definitely prolongs the string life from oxidation and moisture in the air . Definitely get one ✌️

Ryan Strickland

A must have for any guitar owner! Keeps my strings good as new. Quality is superior. Need one for each of my guitars


Protecting your baby

We know how much you love your baby, so we’ve set out to create the ultimate guitar accessory. Among its many features, the String Sling serves as a vault for your guitar picks and capo, helps your strings last longer by providing the ultimate protection, and then turns into the best fitting, most comfortable guitar strap you’ve ever worn.

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